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Domestic Support Services bring peace and order to homes, offering essential help and creating comfortable living spaces. Our services offer personalized care, making your home sparkle with joy and comfort. Choose us for our dedication to eco-friendly cleaning, reliable assistance, and a team that treats your home like their own. Experience the difference with our friendly, expert care.

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What is Domestic Support Service?

Domestic Support Service helps families in their homes with tasks like cleaning, cooking, and laundry. It’s like having a helpful friend who takes care of chores, making life easier. These services offer peace of mind, ensuring homes stay tidy and comfortable. They’re especially great for busy people or those needing extra help. So, everyone can relax more and worry less about household duties.

Different types of Domestic Support Services do we provide

We keep your home sparkling clean. From dusting to mopping, we do it all with care.

Say goodbye to piles of clothes! We wash, dry, and fold your laundry, giving you one less chore to worry about.

Our team can help prepare delicious, healthy meals for you and your family. It’s like having your chef!

We handle the shopping list! Fresh groceries are picked and delivered right to your doorstep.

Your furry friends are in good hands with us. We take care of feeding, walking, and playing with your pets.

We make your garden beautiful by taking care of plants, trimming bushes, and keeping the lawn neat.

Need a hand with the kids? Our team can help with babysitting, school runs, and keeping them engaged with fun activities.

We provide compassionate assistance to the elderly, helping with daily tasks and ensuring they are comfortable and cared for.

Top benefits of our Domestic help at home

Our domestic assistance offers many benefits, making your life easier and happier:

  • More Free Time: Without household chores, you get more time for fun, family, and hobbies.
  • Less Stress: Say goodbye to the worry of cleaning and organizing. We handle it, so you can relax.
  • Professional Touch: Our team does a top-notch job, leaving your home sparkling clean.
  • Customized Help: Whether it’s laundry, cooking, or cleaning, we tailor our services to your needs.
  • Safe and Trustworthy: Feel secure knowing reliable, friendly professionals are helping in your home.
  • Healthier Home: Regular cleaning reduces dust and germs, keeping you and your family healthier.
  • Cost-Effective: Save money on expensive cleaning supplies; we bring everything needed.

What Makes Our Domestic Support Service Special

Our Domestic Support worker stands out for many reasons –

Every home is unique, just like its needs. We listen to you and customize our services to fit perfectly with your lifestyle. Whether you need more help in the kitchen or extra care for your garden, we’ve got it covered.

Our team members are not just skilled. We are also reliable and trustworthy. We carefully select each one, ensuring we’re the best at what we do and safe to welcome into your home.

We understand life can be unpredictable. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling. Need to change a cleaning day? No problem! We’re here to work around your timetable.

We care about the environment just like you. Upon request, we use eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for your family and the planet.

No hidden costs or surprises. Our pricing is straightforward and budget-friendly. We provide top-notch services without breaking the bank.

From dusting your shelves to walking your dog, our services cover all aspects of domestic support. You don’t need to juggle multiple service providers; we’re your one-stop solution for all domestic needs.

Every time we visit, you can expect the same high level of service. Our team is trained to maintain consistent quality, ensuring your home always feels cared for and comfortable

Our customers love us, and their feedback shows it. We pride ourselves on the positive reviews and repeat clients who trust us with their homes year after year.

Our Domestic Support Service process steps

Our process for providing top-notch Domestic Support Services is as follows:

Step 1: Understanding Your Needs

First, we chat with you to understand what you need. It’s like asking a friend how you can help them. This way, we can make sure we do exactly what you want.

Step 2: Scheduling a Visit 

Next, we pick a day and time that works best for you. It’s important to us that we fit into your busy schedule, not the other way around.

Step 3: Arriving on Time

Our team will arrive right on time, just like a punctual friend. We know your time is precious, so we never keep you waiting.

Step 4: Quick Home Assessment

Before starting, we take a quick look around your home. This helps us to plan the best way to clean and organize everything.

Step 5: Bringing the Right Tools

We always bring our own cleaning supplies and tools. Each item is chosen to make your home sparkle and shine!

Step 6: Starting the Cleaning Process

Now, the cleaning begins! Our team works efficiently and carefully, treating every corner of your home with care.

Step 7: Frequent Updates

While we work, we keep you updated. It’s like sending quick messages to a friend to let them know how things are going.

Step 8: Final Walk-through

After we’re done, we walk through your home with you. This is to make sure you’re happy with everything we’ve done.

Step 9: Feedback and Suggestions

We love hearing what you think! Your feedback helps us get even better, just like learning from a good friend’s advice.

Step 10: Saying Goodbye Until Next Time 

When everything’s perfect, we say goodbye – but only until the next time you need us. We’re always here when you need help again!


Our service provides comprehensive help with housework for elderly individuals. From cleaning to organizing, our compassionate domestic support workers make daily tasks easier and homes more comfortable for seniors.

In care homes, our helping hand care home team works alongside staff to ensure a clean and orderly environment. We focus on creating a safe and welcoming space for all residents.

A domestic home help worker does more than just clean. They are trained to understand each home's specific needs, offering personalized support that goes beyond basic cleaning, to truly enhance your living experience.

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Ade Oyekanmi
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Working with Global Lifelines has been heaven sent. The team is very professional and genuinely care about their workers. They are also willing to be flexible and understanding to accommodate any last minute changes.
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The service provided was excellent…..they made me feel at home
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Global Lifeline UK are very reliable, dependable and consistent and I will recommend them always.
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Excellent! Thanks for the exceptional services provided.
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